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Our history

In January 2013, begins the chapter of the AEM in San Antonio, Texas; Chapter committed to fulfill the main goal of this partnership, which is to support the Mexican businessman and profesionista to succeed in the United States and advising US companies who want to successfully invest in Mexico. This group is now part of the Mexican Entrepreneurs Association, founded in 1996 in San Antonio, TX and now has a presence in several cities in Mexico and the United States.


  • Generate business opportunities that drive progress and innovation, strengthening the links and the development of programs that support and guide the bi-national entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs become global leaders for growth, development and success of their Business.

AEM objective

  • The AEM's main objective is to be a leading group in the business sector, representing its members to make successful businesses in Mexico and the United States.
  • Support, collaborate and influence bilateral relations.
  • Conduct business, social, cultural and educational events that allow integration, to be united, do business, keep us informed, grow culturally and prepare for new challenges.